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Defunding Obamacare – As Easy As 1,2,3

September 30, 2013Erwin Cablayan0 Comments

“We can lower health care costs and fix real problems without a government-run system that puts unelected Washington bureaucrats between you and your doctor,” said Louisiana Republican Rep. Steve Scalise, the committee chairman.

So, house republicans could vote on a spending plan that will avoid a government shut down by giving party members a chance to deny funds for President Obama’s health-care law.

Why are the republicans calling a plan such as the affordable health care act a “Train wreck waiting to happen”?
For starters, debt, debt, and more debt! Most Americans do not realize the financial impact for each family.

IRS Admits Obamacare’s Cost is $20,000 Per Family
(Matthew Staver | Washington, DC | | 2/3/13 6:49 PM).
According to, ObamaCare will cost the average American family at least $20,000 per year!
The IRS responsible for enforcing the penalties and fines of the President’s healthcare law has released a cost analysis based on ObamaCare regulations depicting the cheapest healthcare plan will cost average American families of four or five members $20,000 per year under a low end “bronze plan.” in 2016.

The IRS statement says:
“Under Obamacare, Americans will be required to buy health insurance or pay a penalty to the IRS.”
So, your choice is to buy the bronze plan (or another more expensive plan) – or the IRS will have their hands out issuing penalties for being uninsured.

Under the IRS enforcement of the ObamaCare regulations, an uninsured child or dependent spouse will also trigger an IRS fine. “A parent will be held liable for ObamaCare’s individual mandate penalty if they don’t have insurance coverage for their children.”

The ObamaCare regulations has only just begun.
According to a recent Gallup report, many employers just aren’t hiring, and sixty-one percent of America’s small business owners suggests “the potential cost of healthcare” as a major influence on their hiring decisions. For my own mid size business, the strategic planning is not far from any other business owners considering limiting growth and reducing benefits in the front end to survive the unexpected costs.

Many unions, once champions in pushing for ObamaCare, are now having second thoughts about the impact on their members and the shrinking benefit packages employers can afford.